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Sugaring Price List​​

  • Eyebrow $35 first time; $25 follow up 3-5 weeks; $20 add on to other service 
  • Lip $35 first time; $25 follow up 3-5 weeks; $20 add on to other service
  • Chin  $40 first time; $30 follow up 3-5 weeks; $25 add on to other service
  • Sideburns $45 first time; $35 follow up 3-5 weeks; $30 add on to other service
  • Neck / $45 first time; $35 follow up 3-5 weeks; $30 add on to other service
  • Arms  / $85-$150
  • 1/2 Arms / $55-$85
  • ​Underarms / $35-$75
  • Back and Shoulders / $95-$175 
  • ​Shoulders and Upper Back / $75-$95
  • Chest  / $55-$125
  • Stomach / $55-$145
  • Basic Bikini Includes Happy Trail / $55-$65
  • Extended Bikini Includes Happy Trail / $75-$95 
  • Buttocks / $85-$125
  • Brazilian Bikini   $95-$125 
  • Brazilian Bikini in 4 weeks  / $95-$110
  • Brazilian Bikini in 3 weeks  / $85-$95  
  • Lower Legs  / $75-$150 
  • Upper Legs / $85-$160
  • Upper and Lower Legs / $160-$250
  • Toes $45 or add on to other service $10-$35 

Sugaring Hair Removal Head to Toe

Better Then  Waxing!

Most Comfortable Brazilian Hair Removal You Ever Had 

One With Nature Spa delivers the highest quality of natural hair removal available, suitable for all skin types, with a process that is gentle and skin friendly. Your unwanted hair will be removed with minimal irritation, leaving the skin silky and smooth. One With Nature Spa offers  Sugar Waxing (Sugaring), which is better then waxing. In addition to sugaring, when absolutely necessary we use natural hard wax. 

Naturally eliminate unwanted hair with the art of body sugaring.  Body sugaring hair removal works well for all skin types, sensitivities and hair textures.  It's never hot, so it can't burn your skin; and sugaring will not leave your skin feeling sticky after your service.  
Hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, making it possible to remove hair as short as 1/16 of an inch.  Sugaring is more than an "in and out" hair removal service.  It's an advanced skin treatment that provides the additional benefit helping to eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating dead skin cells.  Because it never adheres to live cells, it will not damage delicate facial skin or any skin on your body.  Treatments are completely sanitary and begin to diminish the hair follicle with regular visits, leading to permanency and leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin.

please shower and exfoliate before your Bikini / Speedo / Brazilian Hair Removal appointment