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Aroma Cupping 3-in-1 Therapy

5 minutes of  Aroma Cupping Therapy & Massage  

is equivalent to 30 minutes of a Deep Tissue Massage!

​Cupping has been around for thousands of years and involves suction, also known as negative pressure. The cups literally become an extension of my hands, allowing me to decompress and create negative pressure, which seamlessly lifts and releases muscle adhesions without any discomfort to you. 

Total Bliss  
Neck, Scalp and Face Massage w/ Custom Mask
Facial tension and headaches occur when you strain the muscles of your head and neck, often without even realizing you are doing it.  This incredibly relaxing facial massage can change your mood, enhance deep relaxation and control pain, even leave you looking and feeling years younger. Facial Massage is known to stimulate the whole energy circulation of the face, the neck, and loosen muscular tensions which contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Much more than a simple facial massage, it is a total bliss. 


Slim Face
Facial Cupping Massage / Lymphatic  Drainage
This unique treatment eliminates buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck. Facial Cupping Massage treatment improves facial and neck skin hydration, elasticity and firmness preventing and reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. A "lifting effect" result being a no-invasive treatment, suitable for all skin types for both men and women.   The reverse suction gently lifts and massages the facial tissues, thus increasing blood circulation and the draining of the lymph nodes. As a result, the tissues receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients; and waste from the cells, and other harmful toxins, and substances are eliminated. Excess fluid is also drained and the facial muscles relax with the movement of the suction cups


​​Wellness Cupping Massage 

Thoroughly relax  from head to toe with Natalya's Signature  Wellness Cupping Massage.  This is a great natural treatment  to help release toxins, calm the nervous system and relax muscle tension.


Rosemary & Lime Detoxifying Cupping Massage and Cupping Therapy
Lymphatic drainage vacuum massage is improves lymph flow, allows faster removal of toxins, it activates the activity of secretion glands, improves blood circulation, and  boosts the immune system. Rosemary and Lime Essential Oils detoxify, relief sore muscles, lowers cortisol ( stress hormone),  and has antiviral properties,


Deep Tissue Cupping Massage  and Cupping Therapy

Deep Tissue Cupping Massage is the  most calming deep tissue massage you’ve never had. Helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas; stiff neck, low back and sore shoulders.  This style of massage works by physically breaking down adhesions in muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relieve pain, calm inflammation and restore normal movement. Massage cupping is ideal for performing deep-tissue massage and helps to drain toxins, loosen adhesions, facilitate blood flow, and stimulate the body. 


Frozen Shoulder Cupping Massage and Cupping Therapy

The powerful suction of Cupping can lift and release adhesions deep in the rotator cuff muscles, and even help thaw a frozen shoulder making it more mobile.


Rosemary & Lime Legs and Feet Cupping Massage and Cupping Therapy

Therapeutic Cupping Massage with Lymphatic Drainage. Great for a painful and heavy legs, plantar fasciitis and sore muscles. 


After Liposuction  Lymphatic Drainage and Deep Tissue Cupping Massage

​The main objective of our Cupping Lymphatic Drainage Massage is to accelerate the healing process, reducing fibrosis, scarring and pain,  in the shortest amount of time possible. We meet people suffering from pain, swelling, bruising and skin hardening and also showing uncomfortable lumps known as fibrosis. Combining various massage techniques, we accelerate circulation and the drainage of the lymphatic fluid thus producing total recovery from the first few  sessions.


After Facial Surgery Cupping Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Recover faster with less bruising and discomfort after a reconstructive facial surgery. This gentle treatment increases blood circulation and the draining of the lymph nodes and excess fluid. Facial tissues receives a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients; and eliminates waste from the cells, and other harmful toxins, and substances.  


Abdomen Massage and  Cupping Therapy / Colonics Alternative

Better then Colonics! Non-invasive treatment performed on outer abdomen with vacuum / cupping bodywork.  Excellent therapy for fat reduction, sluggish colon or IBS and to promote the activity of digestive system.


"Fat Dissolver"  Slimming Body Massage / Endermology / Lipomassage

Slimming vacuum massage activates lymphatic drainage, stimulated the microcirculation of skin and accelerates the removal of fatty cells naturally.  Skin becomes smooth and firm,  fat decreases in the  buttocks, thighs and waist area.  Helps eliminate toxins / Relaxes and rejuvenates / Helps tone the skin. ​​


Citrus Anti-cellulite  Massage / Starvac

The task of anti-cellulite massage is to fragment the hypodermic  fatty tissue, remove toxic substances from the organism, improve blood circulation of the skin and muscles; it makes the skin more elastic. It relaxes, tones, improves general condition, mood and sleep. Feeling of warmth and lightness, which appears after the procedure will provide with vitality and energy.​


What are the therapeutic effects of Massage Cupping Bodywork?

  • weight & fat  reduction
  • reduced addictions (smoking)
  • stress management
  • better sleep
  • reduced cellulite
  • reduced pain
  • reduced stiffness and motion limitations
  • reduced muscular and emotional stress
  • increased energy
  • increased circulation and lymphatic flow
  • increased flexibility

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